DIVE WORKS is a licensed, insured professional dive company operated by Commercial Divers.

MISSION: To be professional at all times, to listen to you, and provide you a level of professionalism and quality unsurpassed.

QUALITY SERVICES – The difference:

Using soft non-abrasive pads and mil-spec zincs from Sea Shield and Canada Metals you can be assured your hull paint will last and your metals will be protected with the best sacraficial anodes on the market today.

Whatever issue your yacht may have below the waterline it can be fixed by us.

From pulling props, shaft, rudders to installing new trim tabs, strut bearings, bushings,
and drilling new thru-holes for such things as bait tanks and replacing old thru-holes, we can do it.

Area serviced
* San Pedro
* Wilmington
* Long Beach
* Shoreline
* Alamitos Bay
* Spinnaker Bay
* Huntington Harbor
* Newport Beach Marinas

*Topside washdown / detail & wax
*Hull cleaning – Replace shafts, props, trim tabs – Install thru-holes
*Install new intankes for bait tanks, engines, generators and bilge pumps
*Inspections report wich each service – Mechanical – hidraulic – electrical repairs
*Dock repair, maintenance and rebuild – Underwater surveys


Long Beach: Shoreline – Alamitos Bay – Spinnaker Bay – Long Beach Marina
San Pedro: Cabrillo – Cabrillo Way – California Yacht – Fleitz Brothers – Holiday Harbor
Wilmington: Leeward Bay Marina – Yacht Haven – Yacht Center – Pacific Yacht – Island Yacht Anchorave – Holiday Harbor
Huntington Harbor: Spinnaker Bay – Harbor Marina – California Slips – Davenport Marina – Huntington Harbor Marina & Yacht Club
Newport Harbor: 28 Street Marina – American Legion – Ardell Marina – Bair Island Marina – Balboa Bay Club –  Balboa Fun Zone Marina -Balboa Yacht Basil Marina – Bayside Village/De Anza Bayside Marina – Balboa Marina – Bair Island Marina – Bayshore Marina – Bayside Marina – Bellport Lido Dry Stack –  Bellport Lido Yacht Anchorage – Bellport Villa Cove Marina – Bongos Marin – California Dry Slip – Channel Reef Community Assn. – Crow’s Nest – Harbor Club Marina – Harbor Tower Marina – Larson’s Shipyard – Lido Village Marina – Mariners Marina – Newport Harbor Marina – Newport Harbor Yacht Club Balboa – Newport Marina – Newport Dunes Resort Marina – Port Calypso Marina-Sea Enterprises – Swales Anchore Marina – Water Front Marina –  Vikings Port – Vista Del Lido.el Lido.

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DIVE WORKS DIVING SERVICE – Long Beach & Newport Beach offices – (949) 759-0773 – email: Divework@gmail.com

P.O. Box 21238 – Long Beach, CA 90801